Spring Decorating Trends

We just got back from market and are feeling inspired about the upcoming spring season! There are so many cool and unique trends seen at market, but there are a few that were shown really strongly.  

1. White pottery

At every showroom the strongest color for vases and pottery was white. Neutral decor has taken over the industry with pops of color coming through in floral, artwork & pillows/throws. 

2. Glass decor

Love this one! Big glass vases, candleholders, and lamps were shown throughout. This glass trend creates a very simple, minimalistic vibe that we’re loving. Add green stems and you’ve got the look.  

3. Beads

The bead trend is so fun. Big bead strands are seen draped over pottery, laid on coffee tables, and even seen on handles of trays and lanterns. They’re a fun added element to everyday decor. 

4. Eucalyptus/Greens

Wow. Eucalyptus has won the floral industry! We saw it in many different colors, styles, and even frosted for winter. Stems, picks, wreaths, garlands, and more. This is a must have!!!  

5. Rattan/natural textures

This look has really caught on strong recently. We saw rattan baskets, trays, and buckets in almost every showroom. It has a really casual California vibe that brings a fun texture to any room.  

Take a look through some photos of these trends seen at market. All trends will be in the shop very soon! Thanks for reading!